Baltimore mountain bikers seek common ground in Loch Raven Reservoir

In 1998 the city of Baltimore and the Department of Public Works proposed a plan to protect the Loch Raven ReservoirUnauthorized trails closed to mountain  bikers at Loch Raven Reservoir from mountain bikers’ trail erosive activity. A watershed ranger force currently patrols the reservoir citing mountain bikers for using unauthorized trails. While local mountain  bikers push for negotiations regarding trail use, both parties continue to point fingers at each other for missing the real issues at hand.


Loch Raven mountain bikers forced from their homes

Local mountain bikers have a choice to make. They can continue to ride single-track trails in Loch Raven and face the risk of citations or find other places to ride.  Continue reading about how mountain bikers are reacting.


 Safe water is tough to swallow for mountain bikers

DPW stands firm in protecting the Loch Raven Reservoir and greater watershed area. While mountain bikers pressure DPW for negotiations, so do other state and federal environmental agencies. Continue reading about why DPW must protect the Loch Raven Reservoir.


Risks to Loch Raven run deeper than bike tracks

Mountain bikers may cause erosion and run off, but they are not the only risks to water quality. While watershed rangers and DPW try to keep mountain bikers out of Loch Raven, many other risks to the reservoir go unnoticed. Continue reading about other risks to Loch Raven Reservoir.



Loch Raven mountain bikers forced from their home

Watch how local mountain bikers are reacting to the ban on single-track trails at Loch Raven Reservoir. Watch video

Map of mountain biking trails near Baltimore

Check out this map of mountain biking trails located around Baltimore. View this map


Risks to Loch Raven run deeper than bike tracks

Watch what other risks are going unnoticed in the Loch Raven Reservoir. Watch video

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